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    5 star review  I started my at home whitening treatment and I am beyond happy with my results! Promenade Dental has a Friendly staff, an amazing dentist and one of the most beautiful views of the city!

    thumb Joni Harris

    5 star review  Went in for a dental appointment to get a new primary dentist. Dr. Harris and his staff are great. Very professional and knowledgable. Also made referrals and easy process to obtain.

    thumb Andrew B

    5 star review  Great dentist and staff.

    thumb Copper Sparks

    5 star review  I love Dr. Harris and his staff. They're very friendly and to the point of what's wrong with your dental hygiene. I have been a patient for 5 years now. And always recommend this office when asked for a referral. He will also work with you when it comes to high cost procedures.

    thumb Nicky H.


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Promenade Dental Care – Midtown – Atlanta, GA

30 reviews of Promenade Dental Care “Dr. Harris is a great dentist and human. The office is clean and modern and the views are amazing. Convenient office if you’re in the midtown area and they have late office hours some days. It’s a very busy…


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